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Thinking Clearly

What is Domain Dependence?

What is Domain Dependence? And why knowledge is non-transferable Writing books about clear thinking brings with it many pluses. Business leaders and investors invite me to give talks for good money. (Incidentally, this is in itself poor judgement on their part: books are much cheaper.) At a medical conference, the… Read More »What is Domain Dependence?

What is The Black Swan?

WHAT IS THE BLACK SWAN AND HOW TO PROFIT FROM THE IMPLAUSIBLE  ‘All swans are white.’ For centuries, this statement was watertight. Every snowy specimen corroborated this. A swan in a different colour? Unthinkable. That was until the year 1697, when Willem de Vlamingh saw a black swan for the… Read More »What is The Black Swan?

What is Sleeper Effect?

WHAT IS SLEEPER EFFECT AND WHY PROPAGANDA WORKS  During World War II, every nation produced propaganda movies. These were devised to fill the population, especially soldiers, with enthusiasm for their country and, if necessary, to bolster them to lay down their lives. The U.S. spent so much money on propaganda… Read More »What is Sleeper Effect?