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Cognitive Biases by Category

11 Biases that affect the way we comprehend large amounts of information

12 Biases which lead us to fill in the blanks from our past experiences

14 Biases that help us to get things done

14 Biases which cause us to project our current mindset into the past and future

14 Biases which lead us to make stories when we look at sparse data

19 Biases that lead us to act with confidence

3 Biases that help us stay focused by valuing the immediate and relatable

5 Biases that affect the way we perceive groups

6 Biases that help us avoid mistakes by preserving the status quo

6 Biases that make us think we know what other people are thinking

7 Biases that affect our memory storing capabilities

7 Biases that change our memories

9 Biases that lead us to make wrong perceptions of people and things

9 Biases which affect our decision making by preferring the simpler option

9 Biases which help us simplify numbers and probabilities

Certain things stick out more than others

Need To Act Fast

Not Enough Meaning

Too Much Information

We are drawn to certain details

We notice flaws in others more easily

We notice things repeated often

We notice when something has changed

What Should We Remember?