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What is News Illusion?

WHAT IS NEWS ILLUSION AND WHY YOU SHOULDN’T READ THE NEWS  ‘Earthquake in Sumatra.’  ‘Plane crash in Russia.’  ‘Man holds daughter captive in cellar for thirty years.’  ‘Heidi Klum separates from Seal.’  ‘Record salaries at Bank of America.’  ‘Attack in Pakistan.’  ‘Resignation of Mali’s president’. ‘ New world record in… Read More »What is News Illusion?

What is Cherry-picking?

What is Cherry-Picking? And drawing the bullseye around the arrow On their websites, hotels present themselves in the very best light. They carefully select each photo, and only beautiful, majestic images make the cut. They sweep unflattering angles, dripping pipes and drab breakfast rooms under the tattered carpet. Of course,… Read More »What is Cherry-picking?

What is Zeigarnik Effect?

WHAT IS ZEIGARNIK EFFECT AND ACCOMPLISHING YOUR MISSIONS Berlin, 1927: a group of university students and professors visit a restaurant. The waiter takes order upon order, including special requests, but does not bother to write anything down. This is going to end badly, they think. But, after a short wait,… Read More »What is Zeigarnik Effect?